Quitting Facebook

Somewhere between digital suicide and taking a stand, I’m quitting Facebook. I’ve had a love / hate relationship with the thing, since pretty much the beginning. While I love see the food friends cook, the trips they take, the children the raise, I’ve grown uncomfortable with the incessant re-posting of news reports I can read …

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Ask Your Teacher

When I was in the ninth grade and assigned my very first “term paper,” our English teacher, Mrs. Chance, introduced us to the MLA Stylesheet. Here, in one easy pamphlet (it grew to book length over the years) were all of the RULES. And I loved rules. My index cards were perfectly populated with my …

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Origin Story I

Setting up a new domain and website is, to me, interesting and fun. For this site, I also wanted to be able to demonstrate different aspects of web technology and social media and do some (I thought) simple integrations. First up: Instagram. I thought it would be fun to collect photos of source material for …

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The Authority Speaks

For every thorny stylistic question I have, my go-to authority: The Chicago Manual of Style. No disappointment–see sections 2.9 and 2.11.